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About Us

Our History

MIMO Flow Control is an ISO9001 certified pump design, manufacturing, service and supply company. It can provide technical support and commodity services for mining, irrigation, dredging and processing industries. For 25 years, we have been supplying mud pumps, sewage pumps, clean water pumps, valves, pipes and other related products to Australia's mining and industrial sectors. All our products are very popular in various markets around the world.

MIMO Flow Control's engineering team can design all aspects of pumps and pump components to improve efficiency and provide superior performance and component life. We can design and modify pumps to meet specific requirements.

Our engineers can also improve pump performance by redesigning components, which can make your equipment more reliable and cost-effective. Our core service is to help customers build a good shopping experience through scientific and effective design and industry management, and establish an excellent brand image and humanistic style belonging to the public. Our products are designed to achieve the highest safety and reliability-all of which are to help you reduce unplanned machine downtime, while ensuring the safety of workers and the public.

Due to the experience and dedication of our employees, MIMO Flow Control is excellent. We have extensive experience and can provide support in almost any situation imaginable. We have perfect services, from pump selection, training, environment and pump system application to later technical support, we have a complete guide plan.

Our Product

Slurry pump, sand pump, clean water pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, fire pump set etc.

Product Application

Mining, dredging, metallurgical, civil construction, heavy industry, coal mineral processing, sand reclamation. Sewage plant, flood system drainage, water pools, agriculture irrigation, fire protection, destination, booster system.

Our Certificate


Our Service

We can help make your business better.

MIMO Pump supports the success of our customers and representatives by delivering quality slurry pumps and parts in a timely and conscientious manner, and maintaining a trustworthy and courteous relationship with each partners.

Pre-sale service: Integrated business consulting and free designing service. Professional hydraulic calculation and pump model selection, whole pumping system pipe line design.

Under contract service: Strictly ISO quality control implementation, timely delivery, safety logistics arrangement and good finance support.

After-sale service: We will take 100% enthusiasm to solve and make up the millionth of an error that may exist timely.

All we do, is to cut down your purchase and maintenance cost, and strengthen your local market competitiveness. MIMO's full service will save you a lot of workload and bring you a cheerful experience.


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