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Sep 20, 2023

superm我们开发、生产和销售arket equipment professional company. Based on 21 years of industry experience, supermarket equipment research and development and sales of supermarket entrance control system, supermarket trolley, the register, storage facilities and other commercial equipment, we established in November 2009 the Su Yuan INTERNATIONAL co., LTD. (SUYUAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED), with our high quality products, good service and leading industry professional design capability to provide you with comprehensive commercial facilities supporting services.

Thanks to all the partners in the past 10 years, it is because of your support and trust that "Suyuan" has grown again: In order to better serve the international and domestic markets, we officially registered "Wuxi Suyuan Commercial Equipment Co., LTD." in June 2013 in the global commercial equipment concentration - Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, we established "Wuhan Suyuan Commercial Equipment Co., LTD." in 2017 in Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces in China, so far, we will provide more powerful development and production services. Logistics supporting service!! We are committed to integrating all "Suyuan" quality resources, and create a future with you!!

Metal trolley bumper rails (Stainless Steel Bollards) is a collision avoidance and traffic guidance facility widely used in public places, parking lots, buildings, commercial areas and other places. Known for their rugged, aesthetically pleasing and functional features, they are designed to protect buildings, vehicles and pedestrians from potential collisions and damage. The high-quality materials and versatile design of stainless steel crash barriers make them ideal for safety protection and traffic management.

1. Durability: stainless steel collision barrier is made of high-quality stainless steel material, with excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and can be used for a long time under various climatic conditions without damage.

2. Anti-collision protection: The main function of the stainless steel anti-collision fence is anti-collision protection, which is used to protect buildings, vehicles and pedestrians from collision and damage. They can be used for vehicle impact protection to prevent inadvertent driving into buildings or pedestrian areas.

3. Traffic guidance: stainless steel collision barriers can also be used for traffic guidance and separation, helping to indicate the direction of traffic and pedestrians, maintain traffic order, and avoid chaos and congestion.

4. Beautiful design: stainless steel anti-collision fence appearance simple and generous, modern sense. Its smooth surface and the natural gloss of stainless steel make it blend in with its surroundings, not only practical but also beautiful.

Diversity: Stainless steel crash barriers provide a variety of specifications and height options to adapt to different places and needs. It can also be customized according to customer requirements to meet special application scenarios.

Chrome trolley bumper rails and Stainless steel anti-collision fence are a comprehensive, beautiful and practical anti-collision and traffic guidance facility.

他们的耐久性,collision protection and aesthetic design make them widely used in a variety of places. As an effective tool for safety protection and traffic management, stainless steel anti-collision barriers play an important role in modern urban construction and security.

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