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What are the hazards of long-term operation of pumps in low flow?
Sep 14, 2022

What are the hazards of long-term operation of pumps in low flow?

Generally, the minimum flow of centrifugal pump is 30% of the rated flow. If the pump operates in a small flow area for a long time, the hazards are:

1. The temperature in the small flow pump increases for a long time, which is easy to cause cavitation and damage the impeller.

The solution can be: install a return pipe, and use the return pipe valve to control the actual flow, so as to prevent the pump from operating under low flow conditions, which has played a protective role.

2. The pump is always in the state of pressure suppression due to long-term low flow operation, resulting in excessive vibration and short service life of the pump. The deviation from the reasonable working area of the pump is too large, which is bound to cause damage to the pump,

The solution can be: cutting the impeller (the most economical and practical way).

3. Reduced efficiency and wasted electric energy

Therefore, let the centrifugal pump operate under the rated flow and head to achieve the optimal efficiency.

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