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What Are The Selection Requirements For Chemical Pumps?
Sep 09, 2023

How to choose a chemical pump has always been a difficult problem that many users are very concerned about. Choosing the appropriate chemical pump in different places, different medium, and different raw materials seems not so easy. Let's understand the selection requirements for chemical pumps.
Selection requirements for chemical pump models:

The selection of chemical pumps requires mastering and mastering the standards for selecting chemical pumps:
1. Ensure that the form and performance of the selected pump comply with the main process parameters of the equipment, such as total flow rate, water pump head, working pressure, temperature, total cavitation flow rate, suction force, etc.

2.梅伊是必要的t the requirements of moderate characteristics. For pumps that transport flammable, combustible, explosive, harmful or valuable media, it is required to have reliable pump seals or use leak free pumps, such as fluoroplastic magnetic pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, and magnetic pumps. For pumps transporting corrosive media, it is specified that the heat convection components should use corrosion-resistant raw materials, such as AFB stainless steel plate anti-corrosion pumps and CQF rubber products fluoroplastic magnetic pumps. For pumps conveying media containing solid particles, it is specified that the thermal convection components should be made of metal composite materials, and if necessary, the pump seal should be cleaned with cleaning solution.

3. Mechanical equipment has high stability, low noise, and low vibration.

4. In economic development, full consideration should be given to the fixed costs of mechanical equipment, operation, maintenance, and services.

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