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  • How to choose a chemical pump has always been a difficult problem that many users are very concerned about. Choosing the appropriate chemical pump in different places, different medium, and different raw materials seems not so easy. Let's understand
    Sep 09
  • The diesel self priming pump is a fluid equipment that integrates self priming and non clogging pollution discharge, and uses diesel engine driven axial reflux for external mixing. It has a large suction force and can suck water into the pump, which
    Sep 07
  • Pumps are a vital part of many industrial processes and applications.They are used to move liquids, gases and even certain solids from one place to another. From the performance range of the pump, the flow rate of the pump can be from 1 to several hu
    Sep 05
  • Evacuation refers to the presence of gas and liquid in the pump, the pump cannot operate, and the flow and pressure tend to zero. Cavitation refers to the change and decrease in flow rate and pressure of the medium originating from the pump during op
    Sep 02
  • Before talking about the cavitation of multistage centrifugal pumps, let's understand the vaporization of liquids; the pressure when liquids vaporize is the vaporization pressure of liquids, also known as saturated vapor pressure. The vaporization pr
    Aug 31
  • The double suction split pump is widely used for industrial and urban water supply, drainage, as well as irrigation and drainage in farmland and orchards, for transporting clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to
    Aug 29
  • 1.The greater the spring compression, the better the sealing effect. In fact, if the compression of the spring is too large, it will cause the friction pair to wear sharply and burn out instantly; excessive compression will make the spring lose the
    Aug 26
  • 1.Leakage During Installation Static Test After the installation and debugging of the mechanical seal of water pumps, it is generally necessary to conduct a static test and observe the leakage amount. If the leakage is small, it is mostly due to prob
    Aug 24
  • 1.Clogged balance water pipe If the balance water pipe is blocked, then p6 is equal to p4, which means that the balance plate has no balance force and loses its function. At this point, the axial force of the multistage centrifugal pump will cause s
    Aug 22
  • Packing deterioration is one of the main reasons for excessive leakage of water pump packing and short service life. In addition, the reasons for this failure include loss of elasticity and poor packing quality. Among the many fillers, asbestos fille
    Aug 17
  • There are many types of pump mechanical seals with different models, but there are five main leakage points: (l) The seal between the shaft sleeve and the shaft; (2) The seal between the moving ring and the shaft sleeve; (3) Seal between dynamic and
    Aug 15
  • No.1 Operating Conditions Deviate From Design Parameters In general, centrifugal pumps have a continuous downward performance curve, and the flow rate gradually increases with the decrease of the head. During the operation, due to the matching of the
    Aug 12
  • 1.Single stage centrifugal pump refers to a pump with only one impeller and a high head of only 125 meters; 2. A multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal pump refers to a pump with two or more impellers, with a high lift of over 125 meters; When a mult
    Aug 10
  • In which situations cannot centrifugal pumps be selected? Characteristics of centrifugal pumps, selection of operating conditions, and selection of centrifugal pumps Centrifugal pumps generally have the characteristics of high speed, small size, ligh
    Aug 08
  • 1.Determine when and how many people will be on-site. 2. Before on-site maintenance, it is necessary to confirm the spare parts inventory, the time required for maintenance, the maintenance situation of the maintenance site, and the working equipmen
    Aug 05
  • Chemical pumps are centrifugal pumps used to transport chemical substances. It is a kind of end-suction pump, and the material is mostly stainless steel such as SS304, SS316, SS2205 to improve the corrosion resistance. In daily use, attention must be
    Aug 03
  • Vertical single-stage double-suction pump is a common industrial pump, which plays an important role in the industrial field. However, for those who are new to this equipment, choosing the right vertical single-stage double-suction pump for them may
    Aug 01
  • 1.操作前检查水泵事故雷竞技app下载网址雷竞技官网最新版s occur the most frequently in the early stages of device production and operation, and the installation quality directly affects the operating condition of the pump. Therefore, special care should be
    Jul 29
  • Centrifugal pumps are commonly used in industrial production, and their efficiency directly affects energy consumption and operating costs. Improving the efficiency of centrifugal pumps is of great significance for saving energy and reducing producti
    Jul 27
  • Working Principle Of Inline Pump: The reason why the inline pump can send water out is due to the centrifugal force. Before the water pump works, the pump body and the water inlet pipe must be filled with water to form a vacuum state. When the impell
    Jul 25
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