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Submersible Slurry Pump

Dredger Submersible Slurry Pump

Dredger Submersible Slurry Pump

挖泥船水下泥浆泵multif紧凑雷竞技官网最新版unctional dredging pumps, dedicated to slurry transport. The dredger submersible slurry pump has a wear-resistant

Dredger submersible slurry pump

挖泥船水下泥浆泵multif紧凑雷竞技官网最新版unctional dredging products, dedicated to slurry transport. It has a wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pump at its heart, made of wear resistant cast parts. The heavy duty design ensures low maintenance and maximum uptime. The large spherical passage of the impeller ensures a high operational efficiency.

MIMO has delivered dredge submersible slurry pumps to contractors around the world for many years. The wide variety of jobs done by our product is a proof of its versatility: adding a different suction head results in completely different job. These jobs range from maintenance dredging, dredging in restricted areas when for instance creating a tunnel bed, to sand mining and environmental dredging jobs.

For this series, this implies that not only the wide range, but also the various suction heads and other elements are available. At a short notice a complete dredging package can be delivered, including additional components such as the hydraulic drive and discharge piping.

MIMO submersible dredge pump

The generator is enclosed in a sound attenuated canopy and will provide a reliable power supply.

The dredge pump will handle slurries, sand, gravel and other large solids with ease.

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