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Double Suction Water Pump is used for agricultural irrigation and water drainage, which improves the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, increases production, preserves harvest, and provides material conditions for mechanization and water conservancy in agriculture. water pump for Water Pump for Dirty Water has a wide range of applications for industry, rivers, agriculture, fish ponds and domestic sewage.
The Diesel Fire Water Pump's inlet and outlet and flow channels are specially processed to allow the water to enter the snail casing more smoothly. The adjusted pump has higher corrosion resistance and higher efficiency. It reduces the weight of the rotor, decreases the radial force of the pump set, and improves the bearing life. In addition, the surface of our impeller is machined, and fine casting is used for the impeller runners to improve the smoothness of the impeller in all aspects and reduce the hydraulic loss. Its all-copper motor is equipped with overheat protection and automatic shutdown to reduce the risk of burnout. The base is made of rust-proof material, which is firm, durable and not easily deformed.
  • High Pressure Multistage Water Pump

    High Pressure Multistage Water Pump

    High Pressure Multistage water pump is a horizontal single suction multistage segmented centrifugal product, which adopts the hydraulic model of high efficiency and energy saving function.
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  • dota2雷竞技赞助

    农田灌溉是一种indispensable work in agriculture, especially in the season of lack of rain, this work is more frequent.
  • Self Priming Trash Pump

    Self Priming Trash Pump

    The self priming Trash Pump is non clogging and new type of pump developed based on the structure and performance of self priming water pump and WQ type submersible sewage pump, drawing on the advantages of similar foreign products, which integrates self priming and sewage....
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  • Self Priming Diesel Water Pumps

    Self Priming Diesel Water Pumps

    Self priming diesel water pumps are a great choice for various applications that require water to be transferred or pumped. These pumps are highly efficient and reliable, making them suitable for use in the agriculture, construction, and mining industries. They are designed...
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  • Centrifugal Fire Pump Horizontal Split Case

    Centrifugal Fire Pump Horizontal Split Case

    Centrifugal fire pump horizontal split case is a crucial component in the fire protection system of any building. It is designed to provide a reliable and efficient water supply to fight against fire emergencies. The horizontal split case design is preferred since it allows...
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  • Splitcase Fire Pump

    Splitcase Fire Pump

    The Splitcase Fire Pump is horizontally installed, with the suction and discharge ports located below the centerline of the pump shaft and perpendicular to the pump axis. During maintenance, the inlet and outlet pipelines do not need to be disassembled. The rotor components...
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  • Multi Stage Water Pumps

    Multi Stage Water Pumps

    Multi stage water pumps are a type of industrial pump that are designed to deliver water at high pressures. These pumps are typically used in large-scale industrial settings and are capable of delivering significant volumes of water over long distances. Unlike other types of...
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  • Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps

    Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps

    Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are one of the most essential tools for any building or structure. It is a device that is used to supply water at high pressure for fire suppression systems to work efficiently and effectively. This type of pump is preferred by many engineers...
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  • Vertical Multi Stage Pump

    Vertical Multi Stage Pump

    Vertical Multi Stage Pump commonly used for pumping water, solvents, organic compounds, oils, acids, alkalis, and any "thin" liquid in industrial, agricultural, and household applications. In fact, the design of centrifugal pumps is almost suitable for any application...
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  • High Pressure Vertical Pump

    High Pressure Vertical Pump

    A high pressure vertical pump is a critical piece of equipment used in a variety of industrial settings. This type of pump is designed to deliver fluids at high pressures, making it ideal for applications that require precise and consistent flow rates. Despite the complex and...
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  • Multistage Pressure Water Pumps

    Multistage Pressure Water Pumps

    Multistage Pressure Water Pump has advanced hydraulic models, high efficiency and wide range of performance. Smooth operation and low noise. The shaft seal adopts soft packing seal or mechanical seal, the seal is safe and reliable, the structure is simple, and the maintenance...
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  • Multistage Fire Pumps

    Multistage Fire Pumps

    Multistage fire pumps are an essential investment for any building or facility that requires fire protection. With its ability to rapidly pump large volumes of water, a multistage fire pump can quickly extinguish fires and prevent extensive damage to property and life....
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